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In May 2011, SuperRebel® opened its doors in Breda and became creative ‘house’ agency for many brave entrepeneurs and entrepeneurial marketeers. We created our own style and soon became the embodiment of many outspoken brands. Since the beginning our loyal ambassadors have played an important role in our success. We found out that our brand was more than just a creative agency. All the time people asked if they could buy gadgets or apparel with our logo.

In 2015 we were approached by a very successful fashion entrepeneur. He proposed to start a kids fashion label with the SuperRebel® brand and style. We were really proud. Flabbergasted. We started the SuperRebel®KidsGear&Apparel brand together and now it is sold in many shops and countries. SuperRebel® established itself as a brave brand known for its quality, style and boldness. This was also the start of SuperRebel®Group which now consists of 4 companies

representing our unique brand and many other brave brands. Our creative agency still is the heart of our company since creativity is our most important product. SuperRebel®Group is owner of the SuperRebel® brand and protects the unique DNA, identity, style and attitude. We love to work together with the best photographers, designers and artists within the industry. We want our work and our products to be talked about. #BEBRAVE is our claim to fame.


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